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    About MiaCon

    Miacon recording studio Neal Leggett

    Professional multi-purpose recording studios based in Woking, Surrey offering very high quality professional results at realistic prices.

    The studio is run by myself, Neal.

    I have been recording artists and bands for many years. I graduated from Surrey University with a BA Hons in Creative Sound Design for new media and have attended many studio engineering courses to further develop my skills.

    I have worked at the State of the Ark studios assisting engineer/producer Chris West (Richard Ashcroft, Status Quo, LibertyX, Uria Heep) I am also a session guitarist recently providing my services for DWB Music Ltd’s songwriter/producer Peter Barringer (Kate Ryan,East 17,Kylie Minogue, Girls Aloud and many more). And recorded the Vocals for the 2017 Czech Republic Eurovision song contest. To name but a few.

    My passion is recording. I love what I do. I hope to see you here soon.

    We cater for ALL genres and abilities. So if you're a Band, Singer Songwriter, Vocalist wanting a demo, Choir, Orchestra, Rapper .. anyone who wants to record then get in touch. If you're new to recording or starting off in a band, we will assist you all the way ensuring you have a pleasant and professional experience.

    Studio Experience gift vouchers are also available. Check them out in the Packages section.

    Recording Studio

    Located in Woking Surrey
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    The Studio Offers a large live room, ideal for bands, choirs and large ensemble. A really comfortable spacious control room. Chill out zone and kitchen facilities.

    We accommodate ALL abilities and genre. Singer song writers, demo CDs, bands, large groups, ensembles and choirs. The space is ideal for all live band/group recordings. An ideal venue if you wanted to invite your friends down to watch or even get involved.

    There is an excellent WiFi signal to keep you up to-date with your on-line social life or share your pictures of your recording sessions as it happens.

    There is an on site shop selling drinks and snacks. There is disabled access throughout and disabled toilets.

    DAW: Pro Tools HD (Logic coming soon)
    I/F: Pro Tools HD with C24 control
    Monitors: Mackie HR824's | Rogers LS 5/8s
    Many plugins: including Waves | Slate | iZotope | Synchro Arts | Kush | Antares | Melodyne | Valhalla to name a few
    Mics: Sure | Audio Technica | SE | Beyer Dynamics | Neuman |AKG

    Studio is located in Woking, GU21 5LY

    Studio Dimensions

    Live Room: 6.7m x 5.2m x 3m ceiling
    Control Room: 4m x 5.2m

    Recording Studio Packages

    Here you will find a number of studio packages, either for yourself or as a gift for friends and family. Currently we have two available and both are aimed at vocalists for demo purposes or as a present for family and friends.
    Package 1 - One Vocal Track - £50.00 
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    This package is for those who wants to record vocals over a backing track. It is an affordable way to create your demo CD if your looking to secure a gig and a great introduction to recording your first song in the studio if you’ve never done it before.

    Bring in your backing track (or we can source this for you) and record your vocals along to it. When the recording session is finished the engineer will mix the vocals to the backing track and add the shine to your vocals to create a track as if you were the original artist. A Wav or MP3 will be created of the session for you to take away.

    The package is a 2hr session. The 1st hour is for recording the vocals, lead and backing/harmonies if needed. The 2nd is for editing, mixing and creating a CD. You can watch and listen as the engineer mixes your vocals, the backing editing and adding necessary effects such as EQ, compression and reverb to create the finished track.

    Please check the notes tab for some tips.

    Also available as a RECORDING STUDIO GIFT VOUCHER .. call Neal for details

    Package 2 - Two Vocal Tracks - £70.00 
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    As above except you record 2 songs.

    Depending on your ability and experience you may find that we can record up to 3 songs within the first 2 hour session. This will depend on whether its purely a lead line to be recorded or lead and harmonies, either way bring 3 backing tracks with you and take advantage of the time.

    The package consists of a 3hr session. The 1st 2 hours will be recording the vocals. The 3rd is for editing, mixing and Wav/Mp3 creation.

    You leave with a Wav or if you prefer an MP3 file.

    Please check the notes tab for some tips.

    Also available as a RECORDING STUDIO GIFT VOUCHER .. call Neal for details


    It is very important to come prepared. So make sure you learn the lyrics and parts before you arrive.

    • Make sure your backing track is in the right key for you.
    • We cater for all ages. We are fully CRB checked. However minors must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Please bring a memory stick too as we can create an MP3 for you.
    • Bring a friend.
    • Most importantly don’t worry we make it fun so you have a great time

    For all other types of recording we quote on an hourly basis. Please call Neal for details.


    Availability | Booking | Terms

    Call Neal on 07766 555 218 or email neal.leggett@ntlworld.com to check availability and price.


    Payment Terms:

    Payment via PayPal is preferred. Paypal accepts all major credit and debit cards and does NOT require you to have a PayPal account. Payment can be made before or at the studio on the day.

    Cash or cheque is accepted. Please make cheques payable to MiaCon Ltd.

    All recordings will remain the property of MiaCon until the final payment is made.

    Block bookings and day hire can be negotiated and you may be required to pay a deposit up-front.



    To minimise the time spent recording it is best to come fully rehearsed, with everyone aware of their parts and the arrangement. This greatly speeds up the recording process and save you money.


    We can provide a mix for you but you need to budget for this also. Therefore if you want to leave with a fully mixed CD please allow sufficient time in your booking to accommodate this. Please call me to discuss your requirements and I can roughly advise on how long this will take. The obvious thing to consider is if you are a band then editing and mixing multi tracks takes considerably more time than a vocalist singing to a backing track.

    The process includes:-

    Editing – Trimming audio takes. Tightening timing and or tuning if necessary.
    Mixing – Balancing the track with EQ, Compression, Reverb, Delays etc.

    The quality of mix will greatly depend on the time allocated for this. A basic mix may only include a selection of the best takes EQ’d and mixed together as the song. There may not be time to trim, repair timing etc. You must consider this when budgeting but we can fully discuss this at the time of booking.


    Examples of music recorded at MiaCon
    To Backing 
    1. Female Vocal
    2. Female Vocal
    3. UK Grime
    4. UK Grime
    5. UK Grime
    6. Female Musical

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    1. Everybody
    2. Go Your Own Way
    3. Paradise
    4. Wake Me Up
    5. Jolene
    6. Little Lion Man
    7. 60s Band Covers
    8. 60s Band Covers
    9. 60s Band Covers
    10. Brit Rock
    11. Brit Rock
    12. Brit Rock
    13. Soul Cover Band
    14. Soul Cover Band
    15. Soul Cover Band
    16. Good Time Female Vocals
    17. Good Time Female Vocals
    18. Band Rock
    19. Band Rock
    20. Band Rock
    21. Female Vocal Band
    22. Female Vocal Band

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    MiaCon Music 
    1. MiaCon Remix
    2. MiaCon Remix
    3. MiaCon Remix
    4. MiaCon Remix
    5. MiaCon Original
    6. MiaCon Original

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    Contact Us

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    The Studio is located in Woking, GU21 5LY

    CALL: Neal on 07766 555 218


    If you would prefer to use the below contact form then please do so and we will get back ASAP.



    Chris West Producer/Engineer – (Richard Ashcroft – Status Quo – Jawbone)
    DWB Music Ltd
    Kyler Niko – Song Writer / Producer
    Peter Barringer – Song Writer / Producer
    Greig Watts – Song Writer / Producer
    Matt O’Grady – Producer (You Me At Six / Deaf Havana + more)
    High Down
    True Heights
    Czech Eurovision 2017
    Late Guest at the Party (Reload – Great Ape Remix)
    Just Julia
    WaterRats Music Studios

    Clients cont ..

    Mark Massett - Youtube
    Regan Gascoigne
    The Tarantulas
    Jack Wells – Producer/Engineer
    Prabhu Gurung – Vocal Artist – Woking/Nepal
    Hayley Harland
    The Trash Queens
    The Brompton Mix
    The 911
    Soul’d Out
    Zero Evidence
    Pip Bowers
    Martin Gordon
    Elaine McGinty
    WillB and the Bikini Black Special
    PopRoX Rock and Pop Workshops
    Maddie McClements